Terms of Service

By booking with Deluxe Moving Solutions, the CLIENT is subject to and in agreement with the following terms of service:


While Deluxe Moving Solutions endeavors to adhere to the scheduled commencement time, it is acknowledged that certain unforeseeable variables, including but not limited to traffic and the duration of preceding moves, may impact punctuality. Consequently, Deluxe Moving Solutions is unable to provide concessions for delays.

An estimate is provided as a non-binding, general approximation of the anticipated duration of a move under standard conditions. The actual duration of the move may surpass the estimated time due to factors such as an incomplete inventory list, increased distance, traffic, and other unforeseen circumstances.


Afternoon and evening moves are not allocated fixed commencement times and are contingent upon the completion of preceding moves.

We kindly request that clients scheduled for afternoon moves be available to initiate their moves at any time within the window of 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.


All afternoon moves are not assigned specific start times. The CLIENT assumes the responsibility of being prepared for relocation as early as 1:00 PM or as late as 5:00 PM. This includes making necessary arrangements with the relevant buildings.

The CLIENT is required to be packed and ready for the move on the scheduled day, unless utilizing our packing services. Additional charges or time may be incurred if the CLIENT is unprepared or still in the process of packing.

The CLIENT bears the responsibility of coordinating elevator reservations with their building and informing Deluxe Moving Solutions of any time constraints well in advance of the move day, with one week’s notice being ideal. While every effort will be made to accommodate elevator reservations, Deluxe Moving Solutions cannot be held accountable for any fees associated with elevator reservations or any penalties imposed by the building.

Any alterations to the CLIENT’S move, such as additional items or boxes, changes in location, etc., should be promptly communicated to Deluxe Moving Solutions. Delays in notification may result in the move exceeding the initially estimated time frame.

The CLIENT must ensure the availability of a safe and legally compliant parking space for our truck or van on the day of the move. Residents without private parking are required to notify our office at least one week in advance to arrange for parking permits. CLIENTS will be responsible for obtaining and providing copies of any permits before the move day. Any parking charges incurred by Deluxe Moving Solutions. during the move, including violations resulting from parking in a spot designated by the CLIENT, will be added to the Bill of Lading at the conclusion of the move.

All periods of downtime, such as waiting for elevator setup or tardiness of the property key holder, are subject to billing.


Deluxe Moving Solutions assumes no responsibility for damages to furniture items that the CLIENT opts not to have padded and/or shrink-wrapped. Furthermore, it is the CLIENT’S duty to ensure that all belongings are properly packed and contained in boxes before the commencement of the move. Deluxe Moving Solutions cannot be held liable for damages to items that could reasonably have been contained in a box or an appropriate moving container if the CLIENT fails to protect and contain their belongings.

Deluxe Moving Solutions makes efforts to identify pre-existing furniture damage but cannot be held accountable for any item that incurs damage prior to the actual move.

Due to a lack of structural integrity, Deluxe Moving Solutions disclaims liability for damage occurring to furniture made of pressed wood or particleboard. Additionally, most flat-pack ready-to-assemble furniture is not designed for disassembly and is structurally unsuitable for transport while assembled, rendering it susceptible to damage in transit, in accordance with state law (MF-ILL.C.C. 272 – GENERAL RULES & REGULATIONS – Effective as of April 1, 2001).

Deluxe Moving Solutions will not be held responsible for damages to items within boxes that were not packed by Deluxe Moving Solutions unless physical damage occurs to the box during the course of the move.

Deluxe Moving Solutions shall not be liable for damage to concrete or stone items, as micro or macro fractures of geological origin may be present in the stone slabs but not visible to the naked eye. Additionally, moisture and thermal cycles may cause distress and failure within the panels over time. While Deluxe Moving Solutions exercises the utmost care and takes every reasonable precaution to avoid damage, the inherent variability of these materials exempts Deluxe Moving Solutions from liability for any damage that may occur during the transportation of these items.


Notice of cancellation must be given 72 hours prior to the day of the CLIENT’S move via email or phone (voicemail cancellations not accepted). the CLIENT will be charged $150 for failure to provide notice.

 Cancellations on the day of the CLIENT’S move will result in the CLIENT being charged $150 plus our travel charge plus one hour of labor.


Certain states impose limitations on the items that movers are legally authorized to transport. Consequently, the CLIENT is required to organize the packing and transportation of these items. As we are prohibited from packing or transporting the items listed below, we disclaim any responsibility for the loss or damage to:

  • Currency/coin collections
  • Firearms/ammunition
  • Flammable items (scooters, gas cans, propane tanks, etc.) – while we can move your grill, we cannot transport the propane tank. Any lawnmowers must be drained of fuel prior to our arrival
  • Jewelry
  • Medication
  • Valuable papers/documents (e.g. passports, house/vehicle titles)