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Welcome to Deluxe Moving Solutions – the best moving company in Roswell, Georgia. We specialize in providing reliable and professional moving solutions for all types of gym equipment, ensuring a seamless experience for our customers throughout Fulton County and the Roswell area.

Fitness Equipment Movers Roswell, GA

Why Choose Deluxe Moving Solutions for Fitness Equipment Movers Roswell?

  • Specialization: We focus on fitness equipment relocation.
  • Full-Service Move: Disassembly, packing, labeling, hauling, and transport are all handled by our professional gym movers.
  • Experience: We handle both single-item relocations and entire commercial gym moves.
  • Beyond Moving: We offer fitness equipment storage, repair & maintenance, sterilization, and consignment services.
  • Licensed & Insured: Your equipment is protected throughout the move.
  • Smooth Moves: Advanced tools ensure efficient and safe handling of your equipment.
  • Fair & Transparent Pricing: Detailed quotes with no hidden fees.
  • Highly Rated & Trusted: Our clients trust our reliability and professionalism.

Trust & Reliability

 Local Expertise

Professional Team

License & Insured

Exceptional Care

On-Time Service

Types of Moving Services Offered by Your Fitness Equipment Movers in Roswell

Fitness Equipment Movers Roswell, GA

Home Gym Installation

  • Our technicians are factory-trained and certified to assemble a wide range of home gym equipment, ensuring proper functionality and safety.
  • Our team will efficiently assemble your equipment, allowing you to start your workouts sooner.
  • Our technicians will provide a brief overview of your equipment’s operation and answer any questions you may have

Expert Disassembly And Reassembly

  • Our trained technicians carefully disassemble your equipment using manufacturer-recommended techniques.
  • We create a detailed inventory of your equipment components, along with clear labeling for each part. This ensures nothing gets lost or misplaced during the move.
  • We use high-quality packing materials specifically designed to protect your equipment from scratches, dents, and other damage during transport.
  • Upon arrival at your new location, our technicians will meticulously reassemble your equipment, ensuring everything is secure and functioning properly.
Fitness Equipment Movers Roswell, GA
Fitness Equipment Movers Roswell, GA

Equipment Transportation

  • We offer a variety of protective packing materials to ensure your equipment is safe during transport.
  • Our experienced movers will carefully load and unload your equipment using specialized tools and techniques to prevent damage.
  • We keep you informed throughout transportation, providing updates and estimated arrival times.

Delivery Services

  • We work with your schedule to deliver your equipment conveniently, minimizing disruption to your day.
  • Our movers will carefully place your equipment in the desired room within your home or commercial gym.
  • We take care of any packing materials or debris left after delivery, leaving your space clean and ready for use.
Fitness Equipment Movers in Roswell, GA
Fitness Equipment Movers in Roswell, GA

Commercial Gym Relocation

  • We work closely with you to develop a comprehensive relocation plan that minimizes downtime for your business.
  • We prioritize minimizing disruption to your daily operations so that you can focus on your business while we handle the relocation.

Safety Measures and Considerations

Contact us today to schedule your fitness equipment move in Johns Creek! Our experienced team will ensure a seamless relocation, so you can focus on your fitness goals without any hassle.

Certified Strength Training

Our movers are certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and equipped to handle weights exceeding 150 lbs with proper form, minimizing injury risk.

Custom Lifting Equipment

We use specialized equipment like 4-point lifting straps with a 2,000 lb weight capacity for treadmills and exercise bikes, ensuring secure lifting and transport.

Floor Protection

We utilize floor runners to prevent treadmills and exercise bikes from slipping during manoeuvring, safeguarding your floors from scratches.

Detailed Pre-Move Inventory

Our digital inventory system creates a photographic record of your equipment, including existing damage, for clear documentation and potential insurance claims.

Truck Anchoring System

Our trucks are equipped with a heavy-duty anchoring system featuring rated tie-down straps to secure your equipment during transport, preventing movement and potential damage.

Our Process of Fitness Equipment Moving in Roswell


Free Consultation

We start with a free consultation to discuss your specific gym equipment and moving needs.



Our experienced movers arrive fully prepared and equipped with all the necessary tools and materials for the move.



Our expert team takes care of everything, carefully disassembling, transporting, and then reassembling your equipment.



Once at your new location, we’ll set up your gym equipment and ensure it’s ready for you to use.


Secure Storage Solutions for Your Fitness Equipment

  • We store your equipment in a temperature (between 55°F and 80°F) and humidity-controlled (around 50%) environment, preventing rust, warping, or other damage caused by extreme conditions.
  • Our state-of-the-art facility features 24/7 security monitoring and restricted access protocols to safeguard your valuable equipment.
  • Need a few extra weeks until your home gym is complete? We offer short-term storage. 
  • Renovating your commercial gym and requiring equipment out of the way for months? Deluxe Moving Solutions has long-term solutions to fit your timeline.
  • We offer full insurance coverage for your stored equipment, providing an extra layer of security.
Fitness Equipment Movers in Roswell, GA

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