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Make your move to Duluth smooth and stress-free with Deluxe Moving Solutions. We’re your trusted moving company in Duluth, specializing in comprehensive packing services in Duluth. Our highly trained and insured professionals will carefully pack your belongings, ensuring everything arrives safely at your new home. We offer a variety of packing options to suit your needs and budget.

Packing Services in Duluth

Why Choose Our Packing Services In Duluth?

  • Expertise You Can Trust: Our dedicated packing crews are highly trained in handling even the most delicate items. Our packing crew guarantees that your valuables are in the best hands.
  • Sustainable Solutions: We ensure using recycled materials and environmentally friendly packing techniques whenever possible.
  • Space-Saving Efficiency: Our team is skilled in space-saving packing methods. That means there will be lower moving costs by maximizing the capacity of the moving truck.
  • Convenience at Your Fingertips: Manage your move with ease! We offer an online platform for booking packing services and tracking the progress of your move in real time.
  • Moving Concierge: Not sure where to start? You can discuss your specific needs and receive customized packing recommendations from our experts.
  • Moving Beyond the Move: Our commitment to service extends beyond packing day. We offer post-move support, including unpacking assistance and recommendations for responsibly disposing of packing materials.

Trust & Reliability

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Our Range Of Packing Service In Duluth

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Packing for Duluth’s Climate

  • Duluth winters are no joke. We’ll ensure your bulky winter gear – parkas, snow boots, skis – are carefully packed to avoid moisture damage and arrive ready for the first snowfall.
  • We use specialized cold-weather shipping protocols to safeguard your belongings from potential freezing temperatures.

Packing for Lake Superior

  • Living near the “Big Lake” means battling humidity. Our packers are experts at using moisture-resistant materials to protect your humidity-sensitive belongings – artwork, musical instruments, or even board games.
  • Headed to Duluth for lake life? We’ll expertly pack your boating equipment, from fishing rods and life jackets to kayaks and paddles. Everything will arrive ready for your next adventure on the water.
Packing Services in Duluth
Packing Services in Duluth

Student Packing Services

  • Our student packing services are designed to maximize space and organization in tiny dorm rooms. We’ll efficiently pack your belongings while keeping them easily accessible in your new living quarters.

Senior Move Specialists

  • Downsizing for a senior move within Duluth? Our compassionate packers will treat your belongings with the utmost respect and care for a smooth relocation.
Packing Services in Duluth
Packing Services in Duluth

Last-Minute Packing

  • Our last-minute service frees you up to tackle other moving tasks like transferring paperwork, booking flights, or simply getting a good night’s sleep before the big day.
  • Even with short notice, our insured packers work swiftly without compromising quality. They prioritize essential items and utilize efficient techniques to ensure everything is secure for the move.

Packing Techniques and Materials

Eco-Friendly Packing Materials

We’re committed to sustainability. We use recycled cardboard boxes and biodegradable packing peanuts whenever possible to cushion your belongings. This reduces waste and helps protect the environment.

Custom Crating for Delicate Items

We offer custom crating services for valuable or oversized items like pianos, artwork, or antiques. Our expert crate builders will construct secure wooden enclosures specifically designed for your precious possessions, ensuring maximum protection during transport.

Careful Inventory Management

Losing something on the move can be stressful. That’s why we have a comprehensive inventory management system. Each packed box is clearly labeled with a unique identifier and detailed list of contents. This allows us to track every item efficiently and ensure everything arrives safely at your new Duluth home.

Packing for Duluth: Deluxe Delivers a Smooth Move, Step-by-Step


Free Consultation

Contact Deluxe Moving Solutions specialist to discuss your move and packing requirements. Whether you need full packing services or just assistance with specific items, we’ll create a customized plan.


On-Site Evaluation (Optional)

For a more comprehensive plan, schedule a free on-site evaluation. A Deluxe Moving Solutions representative will visit your Duluth home to assess the volume of your belongings and recommend the most efficient packing approach.


Packing Day

Our experienced and insured packers arrive at your Duluth home equipped with high-quality packing materials and a commitment to care.


Inventory and Labeling

We’ll create a detailed inventory of your packed belongings, ensuring everything is accounted for. Each box will be clearly labeled with its contents and designated room for easy unpacking at your new home.


Secure Transportation (Optional)

Deluxe Moving Solutions can also handle the transportation of your packed belongings. We’ll ensure your items arrive safely at your new Duluth location.


Unpacking Assistance (Optional)

Feeling overwhelmed by unpacking? We offer unpacking assistance to get you settled in your new Duluth home quickly and efficiently.


We Also Offer:

Full Packing Services

  • Relax and let us handle everything! Our experienced packers will expertly pack your entire home, from fragile dishes and electronics to bulky furniture. We’ll use the right techniques and high-quality materials to ensure everything arrives safely at your new Duluth location.
Packing Services in Duluth
Packing Services in Duluth

Partial Packing Services

  • Need a hand with specific areas? No problem! We offer partial packing services, allowing you to choose which rooms or items you need assistance with. Whether it’s your overflowing kitchen or a room full of electronics, our team will pack everything efficiently and securely.

Specialty Packing

  • For your most precious possessions, trust our expertise in specialty packing. Our experienced packers understand the specific needs of fragile and valuable items like artwork, antiques, and heirloom china. We’ll use custom crating, specialized cushioning materials, and secure packing techniques to ensure their safe arrival in Duluth.
Packing Services in Duluth
Packing Services in Duluth

Unpacking Services

  • Moving is a tiring process. Let us help you get settled in quickly and efficiently with our unpacking services. We’ll carefully unpack your boxes, place your belongings in their designated rooms, and remove all packing materials for easy disposal.

Packing Supplies

  • We provide all the necessary packing supplies, from sturdy boxes in various sizes to bubble wrap, packing tape, and biodegradable packing peanuts. No need for last-minute shopping trips – we’ve got you covered!
Packing Services in Duluth

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