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Moving to Sandy Springs? Let the best moving company in Sandy Springs handle your packing needs. Our Sandy Springs packing services offer efficient arrangement of your belongings, saving time and ensuring their safety during your move. Contact us now to get a free quote!

Packing Services in Sandy Springs

Why Choose Our Packing Services in Sandy Springs?

  • Locally Owned and Operated: Deluxe Moving Solutions is a Sandy Springs company, and we understand the unique needs of our community.
  • Free In-Home Estimates: Get a personalized quote tailored to your specific belongings and the size of your move. Our estimators will visit your home in Sandy Springs to assess your needs accurately.
  • Packing for Sandy Springs Homes: Our packers are familiar with the common types of homes in Sandy Springs, from spacious estates to cozy condos. They’ll know how to navigate tight spaces and pack efficiently.
  • Unpacking Available: Need help settling into your new place? We offer unpacking services to get you organized and feel at home faster.
  • Sandy Springs Fragile Item Specialists: Our team has specific expertise in packing fragile items commonly found in Sandy Springs homes, such as antique furniture, artwork from local galleries, or delicate heirloom collections.
  • Deluxe Speed Pack: Short on time? Our Deluxe Speed Pack utilizes a team of packers to efficiently pack your entire home in a single day, minimizing disruption to your schedule.
  • Deluxe Inventory Management: Never lose track of a box again. Our packers create a detailed digital inventory of your belongings, accessible through a secure online portal, for easy reference at your new home.
  • Deluxe Eco-Pack: Minimize your environmental impact! Deluxe offers eco-friendly packing materials made from recycled content whenever possible. We can also help you reuse existing boxes and containers.
  • Custom Crating: Have priceless artwork, pianos, or other oversized valuables? Our team specializes in custom crating, ensuring the ultimate protection during your move.
  • Guaranteed Replacement Coverage: For an extra layer of peace of mind, Deluxe offers guaranteed replacement coverage on any belongings damaged due to improper packing by our team.

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Comprehensive Packing Services We Offer in Sandy Springs

Packing Services in Sandy Springs

Custom Packing Solutions

  • Our expert packers will assess your inventory and create a customized packing plan. This includes using the appropriate packing materials for each item, from bubble wrap and peanuts for delicate glassware to sturdy boxes and furniture blankets for larger pieces.
  • We’ll disassemble furniture carefully for safe transport and reassemble it upon arrival at your new location.

Residential Packing Services

  • Our experienced crew knows how to navigate tight spaces in studio apartments. We’ll efficiently pack your belongings using space-saving techniques like wardrobe boxes and under-bed storage containers.
  • We’ll create a customized plan to ensure every room is packed efficiently, with color-coded labels for easy unpacking by room.
Packing Services in Sandy Springs
Packing Services in Sandy Springs

Commercial Packing Services

  • Our packers use anti-static bubble wrap, custom-fit boxes, and specialized cushioning materials to ensure your technology arrives safe and damage-free.
  • We offer document boxing specifically designed to protect sensitive paperwork, and can even provide on-site shredding for items you no longer need.
  • We disassemble large pieces for easier transport and use furniture pads, straps, and corner protectors to guard against scratches and dents.

Full-Service Packing

  • Don’t have the time or energy to pack yourself? Deluxe Moving Solutions offers a full-service packing option. Our team will handle everything, from expertly packing your belongings to providing all the necessary packing supplies.
Packing Services in Sandy Springs
Packing Services in Sandy Springs

Fragile Item Packing

  • We use museum-quality packing materials like acid-free paper and custom-built crates to ensure your artwork arrives without scratches or damage.
  • We employ specialized furniture pads, straps, and corner protectors to safeguard heirloom pieces against nicks and dings.
  • We offer custom crating solutions for high-value or exceptionally fragile items built to your specific item’s dimensions.
  • We can help you value your precious belongings and offer additional insurance options for peace of mind.

Packing Supplies

  • We stock a wide variety of boxes in different sizes and strengths.
  • Find everything you need to pack efficiently, including packing tape dispensers, high-quality packing peanuts made from biodegradable materials, and various grades of bubble wrap for different levels of protection.
  • We offer various-size furniture blankets to safeguard couches, chairs, and tables during transport.
  • For unique packing needs, we carry specialty items like packing straps for securing furniture, anti-static bubble wrap for electronics, and acid-free tissue paper for delicate artwork.
Packing Services in Sandy Springs

Bulky Furniture & Appliances? No Problem for Deluxe Moving Solutions!

Trained Movers & Specialized Tools

Our experienced movers are trained in safe lifting techniques and using specialized equipment like appliance dollies, moving straps, and furniture sliders. This ensures your bulky items are maneuvered efficiently and without damage.

Disassembly and Reassembly

Need a king-size bed disassembled to fit through doorways? Our team can disassemble and reassemble complex furniture with care. Just let us know what needs to be done!

Maximum Protection

We use high-quality moving blankets and packing materials to protect your furniture and appliances from scratches, dents, and dust during the move.

Insurance Options

Accidents are rare, but they can happen. We offer comprehensive moving insurance options to give you peace of mind, knowing your valuable belongings are covered in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

How Does Our Packing Process Work?


Personalized Consultation

Free consultation (in-person or virtual) to assess your move size, belongings, and desired service level. We recommend the best packing plan for your budget and timeline.


Flexible Packing Schedule

We work with you to create a schedule that fits your needs, whether it’s a gradual pack or a one-day blitz.


Expert Packing Techniques

Our trained packers use high-quality materials and proven methods to protect your belongings, especially fragile or valuable items. Custom crating is available for maximum security.


Clear Labeling & Organization

Boxes are meticulously labeled with contents and destination rooms. We may also use a color-coding or numbering system for easy unpacking and placement in your new home.


Why You Should Avoid A DIY Approach

Moving can be overwhelming, and the idea of saving money with a DIY approach is understandable. However, consider the potential drawbacks before you decide to go it alone.

While you might avoid our upfront service fee, unexpected costs can arise during a DIY move. Renting a truck, factoring in gas, tolls, and all the necessary packing supplies can quickly chip away at any initial savings.

Another big factor to consider is the risk of injury. Lifting heavy furniture or boxes improperly can easily lead to back strain or even more serious injuries.

Packing Services in Sandy Springs

Committed to Your Safety– Our Packing Protocols

Team Training

Our packers are extensively trained in proper lifting techniques to prevent injuries while handling your belongings. We utilize ergonomic equipment like lifting dollies and furniture sliders to minimize strain on our team’s bodies and ensure the safe handling of your furniture.

Safe Packing Materials

We only use high-quality, non-toxic packaging that meets industry safety standards.
Our packers are trained to keep walkways clear and boxes organized to prevent tripping hazards in your home.

Clear Communication

Our team maintains open communication throughout the packing process, keeping you informed and ensuring everyone’s safety.

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