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Are you tired of worrying about where to store your valuables in Canton, GA? Wondering if there’s a secure and convenient solution for your storage needs? Look no further! Deluxe Moving Solutions’ expertly crafted storage services in Canton offer the perfect blend of safety, accessibility, and peace of mind. Say goodbye to storage woes and hello to hassle-free storage solutions!

Storage Services Canton GA

Why Choose Deluxe for Storage Services Canton GA

  • Affordable short- and long-term storage based on cubic foot usage saves you money compared to flat-rate units.
  • Professional movers handle packing, loading, transportation, unloading, and storage placement, offering a hands-free experience.
  • Hassle-free scheduling and redelivery coordination are managed by our logistics team, allowing you to focus on other tasks.
  • Purchase biodegradable packing boxes at economical rates, delivered a week before pickup for added convenience.
  • Flexible access options for individual items or entire units, arranged to fit your schedule seamlessly.
  • 24/7 surveillance, security patrols, and access controls ensure constant protection for your belongings at our state-of-the-art facilities in Canton.
  • Climate-controlled storage with fire and burglar protection, rodent and pest control, and minimum insurance included at no extra cost.
  • Manage your storage unit reservations, payments, and access schedules easily through our user-friendly online portal.

Trust & Reliability

 Local Expertise

Professional Team

Insured & Certified

Exceptional Care

On-Time Service

Deluxe Storage Options: Ideal for Various Storage Services Canton

Storage Services Canton GA

Short-Term Storage Solutions:

  • Moving between leases or settlement dates often requires temporary storage for belongings until the new location is ready.
  • Our short-term storage options provide a safe and secure place for your items during this transition period, ensuring they are protected until you’re ready to move them.
  • Short-term storage starts with a minimum of one month.
  • Ideal during home renovations and extended travels.

Long-Term Storage Solutions:

  • Some items may not be needed regularly but are valuable enough to keep long-term, such as family heirlooms, antiques, or sentimental belongings.
  • Our long-term storage options provide a secure and climate-controlled environment for your valuable items during downsizing, ensuring they are preserved in excellent condition for years to come.
  • You can store your belongings from 6 months to a few years, depending on your needs.
  • Perfect for home space optimizations and interstate moves. Store furniture like sofas, tables, and chairs, along with seasonal items such as winter clothing, heaters, ski gear, baby furniture, and toys, freeing up valuable space in your home.
Storage Services Canton GA
Storage Services Canton

Mobile & Portable Storage

  • Deluxe Moving Solutions offers portable storage units that are designed to withstand various weather conditions. 
  • Our durable portable units feature secure locking mechanisms, ensuring your valuables remain safe and protected during storage.
  • Portable storage units are invaluable during home renovations. For example, when remodeling a kitchen, homeowners can store appliances, furniture, and kitchenware in a portable unit conveniently placed in their driveway.
  • Businesses find portable units beneficial for various needs, such as temporary storage during office relocations or managing seasonal inventory. 

Security Protocols to Keep Your Belongings Safe

Household Items

  • Furniture (sofas, beds, dressers, tables, chairs)
  • Appliances (washers, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers)
  • Electronics (TVs, computers, gaming consoles)
  • Seasonal decorations (holiday decorations, outdoor furniture)
  • Clothing (out-of-season clothes, formal wear)
  • Books and documents
  • Artwork and valuables (with climate-controlled storage recommendation)
  • Toys (outgrown toys, bulky game sets)
  • Sports equipment (bicycles, kayaks, skis, etc.)

Business Items

  • Inventory
  • Files and records
  • Office furniture and equipment
  • Seasonal products (furniture for patio sales, promotional materials)

Other Permissible Items

  • Bikes
  • Tools
  • Lawn equipment
  • Perishable items
  • Flammable materials
  • Hazardous materials
  • Chemicals
  • Illegal items
  • Live animals

Protect what matters most! Our secure storage keeps your items safe from theft and damage. Store smart with Deluxe Moving Solutions.

Our Storage Process in 5 Simple Steps


Schedule Pickup

Once you’re ready, schedule a convenient pickup time for our team to come to your location.


Professional Packing

Our expert movers will professionally pack your items using high-quality biodegradable materials to ensure their safety during transport and storage.


Transport and Storage

We’ll transport your belongings to our secure storage facility, where they’ll be stored safely until you need them again.


On-Demand Delivery

When you’re ready to retrieve your items, simply let us know, and we’ll deliver them back to your desired location in Canton at your convenience.


Security Protocols to Keep Your Belongings Safe

As a leading moving company in Canton, we prioritize the safety and security of your items. Our award-winning storage facilities in Canton are designed with stringent security protocols to provide you with peace of mind.

24/7 Surveillance

Our storage facilities in Canton are equipped with advanced surveillance systems, including CCTV cameras, to monitor the premises around the clock.

Access Control

Only authorized personnel have access to our storage facilities, ensuring that your belongings are secure and protected at all times.

Secure Locking

Each storage unit is equipped with secure locking mechanisms, providing an extra layer of protection for your items.

Alarm Systems

Our storage facilities are equipped with alarm systems to detect and deter unauthorized access, ensuring the safety and security of your belongings.

Regular Patrols

Our security team conducts regular patrols of the storage facilities to monitor for any suspicious activity and maintain a secure environment.

Fire Prevention Measures

We have fire prevention measures in place, including fire alarms and extinguishers, to protect your belongings from fire hazards.

Choose Deluxe Moving Solutions for Best Moving Storage Needs

Deluxe Moving Solutions is your one-stop shop for all your storage needs. Contact us today for a free quote, and let our storage specialists help you find the perfect solution for your belongings. We offer competitive rates and exceptional customer service to ensure a stress-free storage experience.

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