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Are you planning your move to or from Marietta but are worried about moving your heavy appliances, like refrigerators, ovens, dryers, dishwashers, washing machines, range hoods, etc.? Don’t sweat. We’ve got your back with our Well-trained, drug-scanned, and vetted appliance movers in Marietta. They’ll move your appliances so securely and carefully as if they’re their own. 

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Why is Deluxe Moving Solutions The best Appliance Movers in Marietta?

What makes Deluxe Moving Solutions the best Appliance movers in Marietta when hundreds of moving companies are already there?  We have 5000 satisfied customers who like us for the following reasons. 

  • Vetted: Our team comprises vetted professionals trained in handling appliances with care, ensuring a smooth and safe moving experience for you.
  • Served 300+ Cities: We’re proud to say that Deluxe Moving Solutions has given moving services in over 300+ cities across Georgia, helping thousands of people with their moving needs.
  • 5-Star Ratings: We’ve received 5-star ratings from our customers, with day-pleasing reviews of them that you can look up on our official website. 
  • Appliance Insurance: The moving process is fully insured, so you don’t have to worry about your valuable appliances.
  • Safe Storage:  We offer a 130,000-square-foot facility that is 100% secure with CCTV and guard protection, and it’s clean, dry, and climate-controlled.
  • Well-maintained Fleet: At Deluxe Moving Solutions, we have over 40 well-maintained and reliable fleets that ensure the safe transportation of your valuable appliances.
  • Skilled Drivers: We have the best and most highly skilled drivers on our team who are licensed, background checked, non-alcoholic and non-smoking.
  • Affordable: We’re affordable movers in Marietta, and we charge you only for your specific requirements.
  • Delivery Dates:  We’ve built such a network of skilled drivers, movers, and our staff that we offer fixed delivery dates. And we will never be late in reaching these dates.
  • Free Estimates: We don’t charge for the estimates. Just call us and get your estimated amount based on the details of your move.

Trust & Reliability

 Local Expertise

Professional Team

License & Insured

Exceptional Care

On-Time Service

Deluxe Moving Solutions Appliance Moving services include:

Deluxe Moving Solutions includes all the moving appliances services in our package including:

Appliance Movers in Marietta

Professional Packing

The expert movers and well-trained packers are available as well. They come to your doorstep on the move day and pack your appliances using bubble wrap, moving straps, high-quality moving taps, moving blankets, and so on. The packing can also be excluded from our package if you’ve already packed your belongings.

Disassembly and Assembly

Some appliances need Disassembly and Assembly services, including washing machines, dryers, and refrigerators. Our movers can also disassemble them at your house and then disable them to your place safely, making them ready to use immediately. 

Appliance Movers in Marietta
Appliance Movers in Marietta

Custom Crating

We offer custom crating services for delicate or oversized appliances to provide an extra layer of protection during transit. Our crates are designed to fit your appliances securely, reducing the risk of damage during transportation.

Heavy Lifting and Loading

No matter how heavy the appliance is, our best appliance movers in Marietta are well-experienced in lifting heavy appliances. They know the techniques and have the equipment like the dolly and the fleets to easily do the heavy lifting for you. So, don’t worry about that.

Appliance Movers in Marietta
Appliance Movers in Marietta


We have modern moving trucks with air-ride suspension for a smooth ride. They’re also equipped with tie-down points, so your appliances stay secure. Our experienced drivers ensure on-time, safe delivery to your new location.

Unpacking and Installation

At your new destination, experienced movers will unpack and install the appliances for you, including fridges, refrigerators, dryers, washing machines, etc.  Whether reconnecting your refrigerator’s water line or leveling your washing machine, we’ll ensure everything is set up and ready to use.

Appliance Movers in Marietta
Appliance Movers in Marietta

Add-on Services

Stairway Handling: Moving appliances up and down stairs requires extra care and expertise. Deluxe Moving Solutions offers this service as an optional add-on, with our movers strategically carrying your appliances to avoid damage to your property or injuries.

Doorway Manoeuvring: It’s common for the doorways not to be wide enough to fit in your appliances. Thus, we offer Doorway Manoeuvring as an adon in which our team uses the sliders and the best techniques to carefully and attentively move your appliances without damaging the doorways or the appliances.

Debris Removal: When we disconnect appliances, sometimes hoses, drain lines, or other hardware are left behind, creating clutter. As an optional add-on service, Deluxe Moving Solutions can remove this debris for you, ensuring both your old and new residences are clean and clutter-free.

How Do We Safely Move Your Appliances?

We have the top appliance movers who know how to handle each item securely. They use different techniques to protect different appliances. 

Heavy Appliances

As for heavy freezers, washing machines, fridges, or dryers, We:
Use rope or tape to keep them shut during the move so you don’t have to worry about them swinging open. Take good care of your appliance’s electrical cord by taping it to the fridge so it doesn’t bounce around during transport. Secure their cords with tape as well to make sure they arrive safely at your new home. Use thick moving blankets to protect them from scratches and bumps during the move. Use tape to hold it down and ensure your appliance stays snug and protected.


Stoves need more care to be moved securely as they could catch fire quite easily. Thus, we:
Give your stove’s electrical cord a little hug with some tape to keep it secure on the back during the move. Separate detachable parts and move them separately. Give Glass and other delicate parts the VIP treatment with careful wrapping in protective materials to avoid any bumps or bruises.

Next, we load the appliances onto our dolly, ensuring they are secure. One of our team members then carefully transports the dolly to our fleet, where the appliances are safely loaded for transport.

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The Appliances That Our Appliance Movers IN Marietta Move

We can move any appliance, whether it’s to Marietta, other cities in Georgia, or anywhere else in the US.

Kitchen Appliances

Refrigerators (all types: side-by-side, French door, bottom freezer, etc.)
Ovens and ranges (gas and electric)
Range hoods

Laundry Appliances

Washing machines
Dryers (gas and electric)

Other Appliances

Freezers (chest and upright)
Wine refrigerators
Air conditioners
Water heaters
Trash compactors

Your Marietta Appliance move is stress-free

From small to big, we’ve got you covered! Contact Deluxe Moving Solutions, your go-to small and big appliance movers in Marietta, for a hassle-free moving experience.

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