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Thinking of moving from Marietta? Let Deluxe Moving Solutions be your moving company in Marietta to make your move easy, smooth, and safe with our professional movers, licensed and non-smoking drivers, and large trucks that can easily take up your possessions. 

Moving Company Marietta

Why Choose Deluxe Moving Company Marietta

According to the Georgia Department of Public Safety (DPS), there are over 200 licensed moving companies registered in the city. It looks like you have a couple of options to choose from. Then why should you give us a shot when you have so many moving companies? The following reasons should help you know that:

  • Licensed and insured: Our company is fully licensed and insured, providing you with peace of mind throughout your entire moving process.
  • Professional and Straight-edge Team: We value your possession, and thus, our movers are well-trained, vetted, non-smoking, drug-scanned, and also teetotalers. 
  • Satisfied Clients: Deluxe Solutions has served 5000 clients who still refer us to their loved ones requiring the same moving services.
  • Free Estimates: You call us, give us the details about your move, and then we give you free estimates without any obligations or extra charges.
  • Skilled Drivers: Our team has professional, licensed, and skilled drivers who follow all the traffic rules and drive our vehicles safely, ensuring the safety of your belongings.
  • Large Fleets: We’ve got up to 40 large trucks running from 48 to 52 feet in length and are well-maintained and clean. Your stuff can easily fit in them without getting collided with the walls on the way to your destination.
  • Highly Affordable: We don’t want to overcharge you. Therefore, we don’t offer you a fixed price. We make custom moving pricing offers for you based on your moving requirements. 
  • Insurances: To make you stress-free about your belongings, we offer multiple insurance plans that cover the cost of damages and missing items.
  • Packing/Unpacking/Loading/Unloading: Our moving services also include packing, unpacking, and loading and unloading so that you don’t have to do any heavy lifting.
  • Disassembly and Assembly: All large furniture items are safely disassembled and moved to your new place. Our team then assembles them to make them ready to be used immediately.
  • On-time Pickup and Delivery: We show up at your door at the exact time and deliver your belongings to your new place. 
  • Storage: If you need to store your items for the long or short term, we have a warehouse in Marietta that is climate-managed, CCTV-protected, clean, and also humidity-free.

Trust & Reliability

 Local Expertise

Professional Team

License & Insured

Exceptional Care

On-Time Service

Deluxe Moving Company Marietta: Our Comprehensive Moving Services

At Deluxe Moving Solutions, a moving company in Marietta, we provide all types of local moving services, including:

Moving Company Marietta

Local Moving

If you’re moving within the same city from one location to another, let our local moving service help you. In this service, our team shows up at your doorstep, does the packing of your stuff perfectly, and then loads them onto our truck. Then the stuff is moved to your new place on the same day without you having to wait for so much time. On our arrival at the new place, we take care of the loading, unloading, and unpacking of the things securely.

Long Distance Moving

If you’re considering moving from Marietta to California, Los Angeles, New York, or any other far state, then we also offer affordable long-distance moving services.  Our fleets are well maintained for going long distances by carefully carrying your belongings. We also have multiple insurances for long-distance moves so that you always have peace of mind that your stuff is secure. Furthermore, Our long-distance services also include premier temporary storage that we can offer if you want.

Moving Company Marietta
Moving Company Marietta

Consolidated Moving

We also offer consolidated moving services for families not willing to spend that much. In this service, we load the belongings of three to four families, depending on how much we can fit in our truck. Then, move them to their places. Since multiple families are involved, it costs you less than our full moving services. It can be done for both long distances and local transport. 

Commercial Moving

Deluxe Moving Solutions is known for its best, most affordable, and most secure commercial moving services. No matter if it’s an office, store, restaurant, or any commercial property, our team is highly skilled at moving all of your possessions, including your sensitive documents. We provide fast packing, unpacking, loading, and unloading so that the process doesn’t affect your business.

Moving Company Marietta
Moving Company Marietta

Senior Moving

Deluxe Moving Solutions’s senior moving service is tailored to ensure a smooth transition for elderly clients. We handle every aspect carefully, from personalized packing to transportation and unpacking. Our experienced team prioritizes comfort, safety, and compassion throughout the process, providing seniors and their families with peace of mind.

Government & Non-profit Moving

Our Company is a registered mover for government and non-profit organizations in Atlanta, Marietta Georgia. We provide specialized moving services tailored to their unique needs, ensuring confidentiality, compliance, and efficiency throughout the relocation process. Our experienced team handles every aspect of the move with professionalism and care, minimizing disruption to operations.

Moving Company Marietta
Moving Company Marietta

Pet Moving Service

At Deluxe Moving Solutions, we offer a specialized pet moving service to ensure the safety and comfort of pets during the relocation process. Our experienced team provides personalized attention and secure transportation for pets of all sizes and breeds. We prioritize their well-being with climate-controlled vehicles and customized solutions, providing peace of mind to pet owners throughout the journey.

Safe & Secure Item Moving: We Handle Everything!

There isn’t any item that we can’t move, but just to let you know, this is the list of the items that our company moves:


Beds (including mattresses and bed frames)
Dining tables and chairs


Washing machines
Stoves and ovens

Household Goods

Boxes of clothing
Kitchenware (pots, pans, utensils, etc.)
Electronics (TVs, computers, stereos, etc.)
Lamps and light fixtures
Rugs and carpets
Curtains and blinds
Decorative items (vases, artwork, etc.)

Outdoor Items

Patio Furniture
Garden tools

Specialty Items

Fine art
Fragile items (crystal, china, etc.)
Firearms (if allowed by law and properly secured)

This Is How Our Moving Process Works!


Get Estimate

Make a call to get an estimate of your overall move based on the details. 


Schedule an in-home or virtual survey

To help us calculate the weight of the items, schedule either a home or virtual survey with us.



After getting the estimate, book your move so we can make the arrangements for you.


Tell us the time

Lastly, schedule your move at the time you want us to show up to pick up your items for a secure move.


Our Moving Services Marietta, GA

Let us help you with our Long Distance Moving Services in Marietta, Deluxe Moving Solutions. We’ve moved thousands of families from Marietta to many different states safely and securely without damaging their belongings. You could also be one of those families and start your new life at a new destination.

Is your junk clogging up your apartment, room, yard, office, or store? Deluxe Moving Solutionsjunk removal Marietta’sservice is your way to go. We not only move your junk, giving you free space but also recycle and donate it, ensuring that your trash is a treasure for the needy. 

Let Deluxe Moving Solutions provide reliable and professional packing services in Marietta. Our team is highly skilled at packing, using high-quality materials, and paying full attention to ensure the safety of your possessions.

Let us help you with our Piano Moving in Marietta service. We’ve safely moved multiple pianos from concert grants to spinets. Each time, we’ve ensured that your piano reaches the client’s new destination in the tuned and sound condition, no matter how far.  

Are you planning your move to or from Marietta but are worried about moving your heavy appliances, like refrigerators, ovens, dryers, dishwashers, washing machines, range hoods, etc.? Don’t sweat. We’ve got your back with our Well-trained, drug-scanned, and vetted appliance movers in Marietta.

Office relocation in Marietta can be challenging, but our expert team makes it seamless, easy, and safe for you. Having successfully moved up to 5000 offices from Marietta to other states over long and short distances, we assure you that we’ll not only securely move your office and its things but also get the job done quickly so that your work doesn’t have to stay off longer.

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