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Is your junk clogging up your apartment, room, yard, office, or store? Deluxe Moving Solutions junk removal Marietta’s service is your way to go. We not only move your junk, giving you free space but also recycle and donate it, ensuring that your trash is a treasure for the needy. 

Junk Removal in Marietta

Our Customers Say We Are The Best Junk Removal in Marietta, GA

Deluxe Moving Solutions is the go-to moving company for thousands of people in Georgia. We’ve been providing our services for up to 16 years now, with 100% satisfaction rates and 5-star ratings from our customers. Our clients love and refer to us for the following reasons.

  • Vetted and Licensed Movers: Our movers are vetted, licensed, and also nonsmoking, nonalcoholic, or drug addicts. They’ve got years of experience.
  • 70% of Trash Is Recycled: Your trash can be a great help to needy people. Thus, up to seventy percent of your trash is recycled and then donated to local charities and needy people, which makes us an eco-friendly junk removal service.
  • Donation Receipt: When we successfully donate your junk after recycling it, within 3 business days, we email you the donation receipt.
  • Wonderful Hours: We work on the best hours throughout the day, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday-Sunday. 
  • AAA Accredited: Our AAA Accreditation ensures you receive reliable junk removal services that meet the Better Business Bureau’s high standards for integrity and customer satisfaction.
  • 40+ latest Fleets: Deluxe Moving Solution has the latest, well-maintained fleet trucks that are properly maintained by our technicians regularly.
  • Volume-Based Pricing: Our junk removal pricing depends on how much space your junk occupies in our trucks. This is why we’re the most affordable junk removal service in Marietta.
  • Same-Day Pickup: We’re available for the same day and urgent bookings. You can call us, and within 2 hours, our junk removal experts will be at your doorstep, all set to free up your space from junk.
  • Free Estimates: Deluxe Moving Solutions doesn’t charge a single penny for the estimates. They’re all free for you, and you can get them whenever you want to by calling us.

Trust & Reliability

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Professional Team

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We Offer The Best Junk Removal Services In Marietta Including.

Junk Removal in Marietta

Curbside Pickup

For those people who aren’t able to stay present on the junk removal day and also want somebody to just come and pick up the trash, curbside pickup is the best. In this waste removal service, you bring your trash out of your door, our team comes, picks it up, and then takes it back to us for disposal. 

In-home Pickup Services

As the names suggest, in the home pickup services, you are present at the moment. Take us to your home and show us the place from where we have to pick up the trash. We remove the trash directly from inside your home, load it on our fleet, and then take it back to us for the recycling process.

Junk Removal in Marietta
Junk Removal in Marietta

Appliance Removal

If you have damaged or extra appliances that are cluttering up your space, which could include a washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, freezer, etc. we also offer appliance removal services. In this service, our team of junk removal specialists carefully removes the appliances from your house without damaging the item or your property. We make sure that the appliances can be helpful to the needy; we recycle them and then donate them to organizations or local charities.

Commercial Junk Removal

If there is waste in your office, retail store, restaurant, or any commercial place, our commercial junk removal service has got you covered. Our team of experts shows up to your commercial property, carefully picks up the trash, and then leaves it clean with a lot of space for you to utilize.

Labour Only Junk Removal services

Our labor-only junk removal service is perfect if you want to handle the sorting and organizing yourself but need help with the heavy lifting. We’ll come to your location, load up the junk you’ve gathered, and haul it away, leaving you with a clutter-free space. 

Construction Debris Removal

If you’re a contractor for a company and want the debris removed from your worksite, then hire us. We offer the best commercial debris removal services, in which we effectively wipe off all of the debris from your work site, including concrete,  wood, metal, and more. 

E-Waste Disposal

Don’t let old electronics clutter up your space; let us take care of it for you. Our e-waste disposal service makes getting rid of old computers, TVs, and other electronic devices quick and easy. 

Furniture Removal

For your damaged furniture items, our furniture removal service can help. We’ll safely remove the furniture items, which could either be a single item or multiple, from your home. We’ll make sure that the item is safely removed so that the chances of its repurposing can increase. 

Hot Tub Disposal

Let us take care of your old hot tub with our hassle-free disposal service. Our experienced team will safely and efficiently remove your hot tub, handling all the heavy lifting and transportation. Whether your hot tub is indoors or outdoors, we have the skills and equipment to do the job quickly and effectively.

Light Demolition

Deluxe Moving Solutions also offers a light demolition service which is perfect for homeowners and contractors looking to demolish small structures such as sheds, decks, and playsets. Our highly professional team will cautiously dismantle and remove your structure, ensuring minimal disruption to your property.

Yard Waste Removal

Our yard waste removal service eliminates the hassle of maintaining your outdoor space. Whether you have leaves, branches, or other yard debris cluttering your property, our team will quickly and efficiently remove it for you.

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We Move All Types Of Junk

Household Junk

  • Furniture (e.g., sofas, tables, chairs)
  • Appliances (e.g., refrigerators, washing machines, stoves)
  • Electronics (e.g., TVs, computers, printers)
  • Mattresses and box springs
  • Clothing and textiles
  • Books, magazines, and paper clutter

Yard and Outdoor Junk

  • Yard waste (e.g., leaves, grass clippings, branches)
  • Old fencing and decking materials
  • Garden and landscaping debris
  • Outdoor furniture and equipment

Construction and Renovation Debris

  • Wood, metal, and concrete debris
  • Drywall and plaster
  • Tiles and flooring materials
  • Broken or unwanted fixtures (e.g., sinks, toilets, bathtubs)

Miscellaneous Junk

  • E-waste (e.g., old computers, printers, TVs)
  • Hot tubs and spas
  • Old tires and car parts
  • Unwanted household items and clutter

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Junk Removal Day

Our team will be at your place on the selected date and day to move your junk and leave you with free space efficiently.


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